Building & Contents Insurance

As a landlord with let properties to insure it can be difficult to know who offers the best cover at the best price. It is your responsibility as a Landlord to have in place buildings insurance and cover for any of your own contents which may be left in the property. Your existing insurers may not be able to provide suitable cover which includes for example malicious damage by the tenant or in fact liability cover should the tenant suffer an injury in the property. Landlord Insurance is a specific type of insurance and standard buildings & contents does not provide the level of cover you need.

Allied Managements partnership with Active Referrals is an exclusive agreement designed to provide the upmost quality of cover for both Landlords and Tenants.

Active Referrals can arrange:

All through a specialised range of dedicated insurers, the staff at Active Referrals currently work with landlords up and down the country always selecting the best product to meet their clients needs.

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